Sunday, March 27, 2011


“Goodnight”.  A simple word acting as a levee, holding back a flood of emotions not betrayed on this night.  A lonely word meant to suggest the end of the day results in a flurry of inspiration that must be captured or lost.  It’s funny how small moments like this can create something wonderful in the heart of men.  This moment will do nothing but allow me to explain what a “goodnight” means.

(Warning: the following does NOT contain sexually graphic descriptions of eroticism.  And while that may define “good nights” on many occasions, on this one the definition is one of a more nurturing nature.  To my family, you may uncover your eyes.  To my friends, you can resume normal breathing.)

Tonight, as it usually does, “goodnight” means “you’re beautiful.  I have never seen a more beautiful woman in the world.  Can’t I kiss you this moment?  Can’t I hold you until the sun rings in tomorrow?  Can’t you breathe into me the breath you have just stolen from my lungs?  If I ask the Universe for but one favor it is to see you in the morning.  Let me show you tomorrow what love you bring to me this moment.  Let the fire rage all night and consume me whole in the morning.  I am but a fortunate son who has found his slice of heaven.”

I am not so sure how many “goodnights” are left for me.  I treasured this one.  I hold it firmly in my mind and allow it to echo gently in my heart. I allow a flash of light as our day rolls by.  The walk in the woods, the “chasing fire”, the reading, the drive, the shared laughter…how could I replace this day with any other?  Today allowed me to hear the stories of a 6 year old angel, the questions of a 4 year old little man, so many moments of pure love that how could there have been anything but?  As we walked in Nature I focused a moment on those footsteps etched lightly in the Earth.  I marveled for a moment that here was my life as it stood.  Here are two little people born of love who changed the universe as surely as the Big Bang itself.  They are the best of me, of us.  They are not moments of ecstasy, they are moments of love.  As surely as they grace this planet’s face with their own we can say that we loved, and as a result we gave birth to Creation itself. 

And then there are your footprints.  Sure and steady, patient and loving, calm and with purpose they stand.  You light the fire my Brown Eyed girl, and you light the way.  No torch has ever burned so brightly or so intensely as you did this day.  I follow you even as I walk in the lead; I know you are there even as I look ahead.  This could not have existed without each and every second that led up to it.  The sun seems brighter, the air cleaner, and the world alive around us.  Thank you my dear, for making this moment possible.

“Goodnight”.  Sleep softly and remember me in your dreams.  I love you. 

©2011 Thomas P. Grasso All Rights Reserved ☮ ℓﻉﻻ٥ ツ

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