Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gave It No Name

Ah the warmth of sunlight basking down
The chill of evening does abound,
The line that breaks the two slides by,
No name for this part of neither's sky.

Light to the left - none to the right,
On the left there is day - on the right there is night,
Abound in the fact that neither is wrong,
It's right in this middle the two get along.

It's hottest or coldest the further you get,
But seek in this middle where neither's a threat.
Rejoice in this meeting where neither finds shame,
And thank God for the fact that He gave it no name.


Monday, March 24, 2008

The Change

Tis strange, this change I’ve found in you,
For as often as the storm clouds shake my soul,
As keenly as the lightening strikes and the thunder roars,
I know above them the sun is always shining.

You say you changed for me?
Does an evergreen become a spruce?
Or a stone become a feather floating in the wind
For the sake of itself or the ground below it?

No, change is uniquely yours, it serves only your purpose,
And purpose is like envy, it is only yours if you say it so,
For a change in one’s nature is like telling the scorpion not to sting,
Or a bird not to fly, or the for breeze not to gently cool your brow.

The Change you say is not really change at all,
Either it is or it isn’t, it cannot be created, it cannot be destroyed,
It is, or it isn’t, it was or it wasn’t
the Truth behind the way things are.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

No Written Word

The sun needs no rule, no written word to tell it to shine;
The earth needs no rule, no written word to tell it to spin;
A tree needs no rule, no written word to tell it to shed it's leaves;
Water needs no rule, no written word to tell it to nourish;
The clouds need no rule, no written word to tell them to rain.

As long as we all are true to our natures, without ego, we will all know the power and the love of God.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mountains of Las Vegas

I find this different side of Las Vegas more enticing to me. There you find a supply a beauty otherwise missing in a city of vice.

For a Minute

I spent but just a minute

Although it seemed like forever
Gazing at your power, basking in your glow.

I prayed but for a minute
But stayed in that minute forever
Longing for no end, yet seeing it pass me by.

I listened but for a minute
And heard what must be the Voice of God
Whispering ever loudly, the Song I have yet to understand.

Rocky Mountains Feb 25 2008

Took these on my way to Las Vegas (only there for a day). I think the mountains are awesome, particularly with snow on them.

Hope to never see that snow disappear at the whims of man (aka Global Warming).