Saturday, February 2, 2008

Do not cry.

As I sleep eternal-
Do not cry for me,
Stay happy in the knowledge
That I am where I am intended to be.

Take heart my dear,
That as a newborn baby I am free,
To go where I am destined to go,
To see what I am destined to see.

Please smile my darling,
As you gaze upon the confines that once had me bound,
And do not long for me,
For my feet no longer touch the ground.

Please hold me in your soul,
For there you will never be alone,
Look inside yourself to find my open arms,
And understand, at that moment, all that you have shown.

For I love you,
And that love will never die,
And as clearly as I return from where I came,
I will be waiting for you~do not cry.

I will own by letting go.

She is my wife,
but not my wife.
She is my partner,
but not my partner.
She is my lover,
but not my lover.

She is not mine,
Her thoughts, feelings and needs are not mine,
Yet they belong to me,
And are the essence of the we that makes us whole.

I do not walk for her,
Yet I am with her every step along the way.
I do not breathe for her,
Yet she is the sound in every breath I take.

I once could not see,
Where the light was the brightest.
I once could not hear,
Where the sound was so clear,
I once could not understand,
What was so easy to read,
I was so smart I could not think beyond the thoughts of a child.

I will learn by just watching,
I will see by just closing my eyes,
I will hear by speaking in silence,
I will be whole by falling apart.

I will own by letting go.